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"Sometimes sweet, sometimes sensual...always satisfying romance."

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ON THE MAKE cover     When it comes to husbands, Madison Clark’s track record is the thing of nightmares. Twice widowed, she’s given up on happily ever after. Still, with two young boys to raise, a stable family life is all she really desires. Cop turned movie idol, Adam Pride longs for a family of his own, not the irresistible woman and her two sons who are quickly working their way into his heart. But when Madison unknowingly lands in a desperate killer’s cross-hairs, Adam puts his career—and life—on the line to save her. Can he protect her from a deadly threat and win her heart? Or will a shocking revelation destroy their fragile love?

       "If the intriguing tagline and the glorious cover art, followed by the teaser scene on page 1 of this exciting [novel], doesn't grab you, nothing will. . . .Margo Hoornstra gets better and better with each book. She rips emotion out her characters, then plasters it all over each turnable page. Do not miss the latest in her fascinating Brothers in Blue series. It’s a beauty!! . . . "On a scale of 1-5, On The Make deserves a 6." -- Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews (Read the full review here.)

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       The stories I write are contemporary romance and, more recently, romantic suspense. My latest release, ON THE MAKE, is the third in a four-book romantic suspense series, Brothers In Blue. Four heroes who met at the police academy and became life long friends. The dropout, the straight arrow, the movie star and the maverick. All share a passion to serve and protect, each in his own unique way. As it turns out, they also live by the motto – "To serve and protect" was never more personal. (For info on ON THE SURFACE and ON THE FORCE, the first two books in the series, please see my Books page.)

       ON THE MAKE is Adam’s story. The cop turned reluctant movie star.

       An English major by training and communications specialist by trade, I’ve worked as a magazine editor, television producer and speech and script writer. Always the words of others, not so much my own. I now enjoy the freedom to write fiction full time, always providing my characters with their hard fought and well deserved happily ever after.

       The Brothers In Blue series is near and dear to my heart for two reasons. Coming from a law enforcement family, I’m well aware of the toll the profession can take on its members as well as those who love them, which I hope to portray in my books. Second, I received the contracts to write the Brothers In Blue books, to release over the span of four years, about the same time as I received a cancer diagnosis. Taking a deep breath, I signed the contracts, determined to fulfill them. The cancer was caught early and, I’m happy to report, so far so good. I truly believe it was my commitment to the Brothers In Blue books that helped see me through.

       I hope you will enjoy the first three books in the Brothers In Blue series, and will also check out my other books and short stories while waiting for Book Four!

       (By the way, you can download a "free sample" of my writing, a short story called HEARTS AND FLOWERS, here.)

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