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CHRISTMAS WITH YOU coverON THE SURFACE, Brothers In Blue Series Book 1ON THE FORCE, Brothers in Blue Series Book 2ON THE MAKE, Brothers In Blue Series Book 3NIGHT STARS AND MOURNING DOVES cover

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       To get you in the Christmas mood and at the same time, help you store up energy for the Christmas frenzy to come…do I have a deal for you: Ten short stories full of the Christmas spirit and sweet, satisfying romance. In one easy to hold volume, at a great price. Available in Kindle format and in print!

The Christmas spirit brought to you…one sweet yet sensual romance at a time:

CHRISTMAS CONFLICT ~ A heartache weary couple find their place together at the inn.

CHRISTMAS NEWS ~ For a busy couple, simple sacrifices at Christmas reap precious rewards.

CHRISTMAS TRUE ~ He was what she didn’t want for Christmas—until he proved her wrong.

CHRISTMAS BLUE ~ Stakeout with her ex on Christmas Eve—nightmare or dream come true?

CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS ~ Two broken hearts learn to love again, as Christmas draws near.

CHRISTMAS SANTA ~ This make-believe Santa risks his life to prove how much he loves her.

CHRISTMAS WISH ~ A Christmas wish to be together come true. Because he loved her so.

CHRISTMAS SURPRISE ~ A Christmastime reunion to cherish—or a homecoming to regret?

CHRISTMAS RUSH ~ Can their misplaced true love be renewed by the arrival of Christmas?

CHRISTMAS MIRACLE ~ Two tour-stressed country stars bring Christmas home.

Whatever the season -- how could you possiblty resist?

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ON THE SURFACE, Brothers in Blue Series Book 1ON THE SURFACE – The Dropout  (The Brothers in Blue Series, Book 1)

       Wrongly convicted ex-con and recent parolee Jenny Reynolds wants to forget her tarnished past and focus on a brighter future. One that begins with a return to the small tourist town where she grew up. The restoration of her family’s once proud Rest Easy Bed and Breakfast is the only thing on her mind. Fleeing an ex who refuses to let her go, what she doesn’t need to complicate her already problematic life is another man.

       Enter handsome handyman Brad, a man who seems to care as much about restoring the B and B as she does. A man who soon becomes ready, willing and able to steal her heart. A man, as it turns out, with more than a few secrets of his own. A dropout from law enforcement, the real Brad Collins will use anyone and anything to fulfill a personal vendetta.

       When two pasts collide and danger threatens, their budding love for each other may be the first casualty.

". . . In addition to an appealing heroine in a load of trouble and a hunky bounty hunter who wants to protect her while still getting his man, [this book] features the creepiest, slimiest villain I've read in a long time. Your finger will be itching to pull the trigger yourself. The B&B setting in rural Michigan plays a big role, too. The author describes it so vividly, you can almost feel the summer breeze on your skin." -- Alison Henderson, review

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ON THE FORCE, Brothers in Blue Series Book 2ON THE FORCE –  The Straight Arrow (The Brothers in Blue Series, Book 2)

       Top notch CFO Sydney Raines is devastated when her coveted job working for a high profile conglomerate is yanked out from under her. Determined to restore her mangled reputation, she finds her second chance when the owner of an upscale art gallery hires her as his personal assistant.

       Straight arrow cop Vince Miller is assigned to crack an international art theft ring. Working undercover, he never counted on meeting Sydney Raines, let alone falling in love with her. Then an unexpected twist in the case reveals the identity of a serial killer, along with the shattering realization that Sydney could be the psycho's next victim.

". . .well-drawn, realistic characters with flaws and quirks that make you want to see how their story ends. As for the suspense, the conclusion is well worth the read!" -- Romance Author Jannine Gallant, review

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ON THE MAKE, Brothers in Blue Series Book 3ON THE MAKE – The Movie Star  (The Brothers in Blue Series, Book 3)

     When it comes to husbands, Madison Clark’s track record is the thing of nightmares. Twice widowed, she’s given up on happily ever after. Still, with two young boys to raise, a stable family life is all she really desires. Cop turned movie idol, Adam Pride longs for a family of his own, not the irresistible woman and her two sons who are quickly working their way into his heart. But when Madison unknowingly lands in a desperate killer’s cross-hairs, Adam puts his career—and life—on the line to save her. Can he protect her from a deadly threat and win her heart? Or will a shocking revelation destroy their fragile love?

Review for ON THE MAKE, from Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews:

       "She’s buried two husbands. . . now someone is out to bury her.

       "If the intriguing tagline and the glorious cover art, followed by the teaser scene on page 1 of this exciting [novel], doesn't grab you, nothing will.

       "Fresh off the heels of burying her second husband inside three short years, attorney turned event planner Madison Clark is hanging on by her toenails, trying to raise two normal but rebellious boys in a town that reveres her real estate magnet husband because of all he did for the community. Only. . . behind closed doors Joe Clark wasn’t the epitome of terrific husbands and dynamite fathers. That was the guy she buried three years ago.

       "So guess who barges into her life, larger in life and ten times more attractive than what he shows on the big screen he currently rules but Adam Pride, former cop turned accidental action movie star, and superhero to every adolescent male on the planet.

       "Neither is looking for forever; neither believes they’d win any prizes for Partner of the Year. Yet. . . each is there when the other needs a shoulder, helping hand, or moments of sanity in the middle of chaos and danger.

       "Margo Hoornstra gets better and better with each book. She rips emotion out her characters, then plasters it all over each turnable page. Do not miss the latest in her fascinating Brothers in Blue series. It’s a beauty!!

       "On a scale of 1-5, On The Make deserves a 6." -- Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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       Elyse Monroe may be her sister's maid of honor, but that doesn't mean she has to follow the bride's example and fall in love. Battle-scarred and weary from previous relationships, she has no desire to take a chance on another--no matter how many hints her little sister drops about the best man.

       Devastating life events have taken a toll on Eric Matthews. After losing his wife and unborn daughter, he's come home to heal. Serving as best man at his kid brother's wedding is the only relationship he cares to contemplate--no matter how attractive the maid of honor.

       Thrown together again and again by wedding duties, Elyse and Eric reluctantly agree to explore a possible relationship--only to have their casual date turn into a glorious night of passion. Can two hearts, convinced a happily ever after will never happen, recognize love when it finds them?

". . .characters will wrap themselves around our heart. . ." -- Romance Author Jannine Gallant

"This is a well- done, quick read that will appeal to any reader who has battled life's obstacles and emerged victorious." -- The Romance Review

". . .Night Stars and Mourning Doves is well written and beautifully metaphorical, showing the broken hero (Eric) that all living beings – even doves – suffer loss and pain but adjust to the new circumstances and move on." -- Mary S., review

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ONLY IF YOU DARE coverONLY IF YOU DARE (Dearly Beloved Series)

       All the pleasures and none of the pain, that's what Cynthia Buckingham wants in a relationship these days. A one-night stand with Jonah Colt seems to fit that bill perfectly. Newly divorced, she's too busy planning her daughter's wedding for any serious involvement. Besides, her true passion is helping victims of PTSD reclaim their lives.

       Waking up after spending the night with a woman he barely knows, Jonah is stunned to realize sex for the sake of sex isn't enough for him anymore. A veteran of more military battles than he cares to count, he wants to forget it all and focus on peaceful civilian life. Except flashbacks won't allow it.

       Falling for Cynthia makes Jonah regret his weakened state, but he'd rather hide the truth than face it. When she sets aside everything she believes in to help him heal, can he accept her help--and her love?

". . .this author has used a difficult subject to create believable characters, and a charming, easy- to- read sweet romance." -- The Long and Short of It

"An intriguing look at an older couple, both with baggage, who must come to terms with their past, present and future. Good dialogue, pacing and character development made Only If You Dare an entertaining read." -- Ashantay, review

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       In this three-book anthology, a twenty year high school reunion changes the lives of former classmates and leads to unexpected futures. (Please note that these books were previously published individually by Wild Rose Press, with different titles, as noted below.)

       TWO ON TUESDAY:  Blane Weston’s construction company needs the venture capital Matt Durand has. With his reputation for hostile takeovers, she wants no part of him. Mixing business with pleasure, she’s off to Serendipity to hook up with a former flame. Not used to being denied, Matt follows. How can Blane enjoy a journey to her past when Matt is determined to dictate her future? (Previously published by WIld Rose Press in 2011 as TUESDAY AT TWO.)

       THREE STRIKES THURSDAY:  Barry Carlson, a pro baseball success, could have any woman he wanted. Except one. Twenty years before, Barry won Amanda Marsh’s love, only to crush her heart. He’s returned to Serendipity, determined to win her back. Recently divorced, Amanda is happy—until Barry slides back into her life. Can they put aside old wounds and new misunderstandings to find a forever love? (Previously published by WIld Rose Press in 2011 as TO BE, OR NOT.)

       ONE FATEFUL FRIDAY:  His high school reunion in Serendipity over, hospital CEO Jake Holbrook regrets his single state. When a special woman from his past tumbles back into his life—and his bed—he’s determined to keep her there. Family practitioner Bethany Thomas avoids an entanglement with her new boss, but unknowingly betrays him. As the holidays approach, can they overcome a lack of trust to find their Christmas miracle? (Previously published by WIld Rose Press in 2010 as GLAD TIDINGS.)

"Get ready for three terrific stories of unexpected love. Whether it’s a second chance or a first meeting, love has a way of finding three couples. For Barry and Amanda, Blane and Matt, and Jake and Bethy, their twenty-year reunion brings about good fortune. But the road to happy-ever-after is never easy for Margo Hoornstra’s characters. Because of her skillful writing, the reader feels the joy of exploring new love and the agony of crushing disappointment before that ahh moment of resolution. Her likeable characters have depth, and the excellent plotting makes Saturday in Serendipity an enjoyable read." -- Diane, review

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       She’s the one woman he can’t afford to lose…

       Mega-millionaire Daniel Winston Montgomery lives to work at his prosperous software company. Scrimping to survive as a child, money means everything to Dan. He’ll do whatever it takes to preserve his wealth and the security it provides his mother and younger siblings. His brilliant top assistant, Lindsey Carr, is essential to his firm’s continued success. He has no problem sharing the fruits of their combined labors with her. Though, truth be told, he needs Lindsey far more than she needs him…

       Computer brainiac Lindsey Carr wants more out of life than her prestigious, well-paying job and craves a little excitement. She’s tired of being no more than boring tech support in a well-run software enterprise. Convinced Dan and his company will survive—and thrive—just fine without her, she tenders her resignation. After all, Dan has never required more from her than her superior analytical skills. Well, except for that one time she won’t let herself think about…

       Unwilling to let Lindsey go, Dan must fight to keep her in his life. In a clash of priorities, will he choose money…or love?

       "I loved the conflict between the hero and heroine. Very strong, and so was the attraction. You could feel it on every page. I also really loved the setting. The author did an amazing job of painting a picture of the location, and it made me want to go there."-- Lacey Clary, review

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       Former cop Samantha Wells is the last person single dad Chase Canfield wants chaperoning his young, impressionable daughter. Not if she's the same beautiful stranger who shamelessly came on to him with all the promise of unfulfilled passion, making her impossible to forget.

       Samantha must prove to Chase she's a competent, trustworthy professional. That the sultry seductress he knew was only a pretense, her misguided alter ego acting on a stupid dare.

       To save her reputation, she has to make him believe the mind blowing kisses and undeniable connection they shared meant nothing.

       The hard part will be convincing herself.

"This was a really sweet book with characters you can relate to and a gorgeous setting in Alaska. Chase tries to do the right thing, the honorable thing, and screws up royally. Reading how he and Samantha work their way through their mucked up emotions is a delight." -- Romance Author Jannine Gallant, Amazon review

"Every page is packed with emotion and action, and this is a story you will find hard to put down." -- The Long and Short of It

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