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May Become Permanent

May Become Permanent - Cover

Police officers’ lives are shoot-‘em-up excitement and bad guy turmoil. Not what Miranda Carl wants when she works, temporarily, at retired cop Rick Conroy’s detective agency. Until her first day proves so low key, it’s almost boring and Rick proves he really does care about people around him—especially her.Rating: Sweet

Page Count: 9 pages

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Chance of Snow

Chance of Snow - Cover

A young couple struggles to keep their family home but reluctantly decide to move into an apartment in town when it overpowers their finances.

Rose Petal

Rating: Sweet

Page Count: 9 pages

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A Nice Change of Pace

A Nice Change of Pace - Cover

Multi-tasker extraordinaire, Melinda Olsen has a mad crush on her dreamy college professor. Until one day, on her way to work from class, Rod Garner runs her down with his motor scooter and she finds out dreamy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Concern and caring are.Rose Petal

Rating: Sweet

Page Count: 7 pages

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Can’t Stop the Love

Can’t Stop the Love Can passion last forever in a marriage? If so, is passion alone enough? If the sex is good, as it is for Jenna and Gary Marsh, don’t happiness and contentment just naturally follow?

Married for over twenty years, Jenna Marsh finds herself seeking the answers to those questions. Especially when her husband is more consumed with work than he is interested in her; and her new, and very alluring boss, makes it clear work, for him, takes second place in his life compared to beautiful women like her. Though tempted, Jenna doesn’t follow through when said boss invites her out for an intimate dinner for two. Returning home, she reconciles with her husband, proving true love survives.

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Dolls for Generations

Dolls for GenerationsA special bond between generations is always with us. Whether we are children, parents, or have grandchildren of our own. In DOLLS FOR GENERATIONS one woman—me since much of this story actually happened—discovers how true and secure this bond remains.

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Hearts and Flowers

Hearts and Flowers - CoverBack in the day, as they say, my father wrote scripts for a radio show out of Detroit titled Manhunt, which was a forerunner of the television show Dragnet. True stories pulled from actual police files, as they also say.

This story is based on one of those scripts.

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