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This year I’m fortunate to have three novellas, Glad Tidings, Next Tuesday at Two and To Be, Or Not released by the Last Rose of Summer line of The Wild Rose Press for their Class of ’85 reunion series. All are contemporary romances which revolve around the Twenty-fifth reunion of the Summerville High School Class of 1985.

Once the stories were published, I needed to figure out how to let people know they were available. Enter the on-line marketing firm Goddess Fish Promotions and their Virtual Blog Tour package. Marianne of Goddess Fish found me the blogs to be posted on, the various bloggers supplied the interview questions or essay topics to write about, and I did the rest. Or rather, will be doing the rest, beginning December 5, 2011 and running for five consecutive days. Goddess Fish even made up the eye appealing banner above which will take you to the proper web addresses.

And I never expected the added bonus.

If you, as a writer, want to explore the inner workings of your creative mind; or anyone for that matter wants to discover the whys and wherefores of their psyche, forget the always supportive best friend or high priced therapist, try out the blog tour venue. A Virtual Blog Tour is a fun, fascinating and even at times internally cleansing journey.

Here’s a list of the stops and what to expect when you get there. (Because I really hope you’ll join me on this ride.)

December 5 – Rogues

Answering the 13 questions Rogues Angels asked about some specifics of my writing career proved to be quite interesting. It made me look back on the times when I first started to dip my toe in the pool of professional writing. And really consider what my future career track should be.

December 6 – Good Family

Being asked how I managed to write three books in one year and why I picked the era of 1985, made me realize how writing seems to be a solitary effort, but really isn’t. (Except for the physical aspect of putting pen to paper or, if you are so inclined, fingers to keyboard.) In my case, those three Class of ’85 books were a team effort of an encouraging editor, supportive family members and group of inspiring fellow authors I met on a special loop. (Did I mention there are almost twenty-five stories total in the series by about as many authors?) And, as far as the chosen year of 1985 and reunion concept, that was the result of a brainstorming session by some creative editors at Wild Rose.

December 7 – I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read

This host wanted to know more about the business aspects of writing. Composing long versus short stories, finding time to write amid the chaos of life, how the details of busy lives contribute to our creative selves, and what other authors have had an impact on me and my writing. All questions which made me look deep inside for answers.

December 8 – Among the

Among the Muses gave me a varied list of questions to choose from. The ones I selected dealt specifically with my three titles and the characters within them. I was able to single out a favorite and talk about the anti-hero/troublemaker who plays a big part in Next Tuesday at Two and To Be, Or Not.

December 9 – Live to

This last host wanted to know how I had picked the genre and asked me to talk about the joys and challenges of writing older characters. After careful consideration, I realized, and wrote about how the writing picks the writer, it’s rarely the other way around. And as for writing older characters, all three stories Glad Tidings, Next Tuesday at Two and To Be, Or Not had a make-up-for-what-you-missed flavor to them. Which is really what the happily ever after is all about.

Oh, and I almost forgot, there will be prizes for two randomly chosen commentators, a $20.00 gift certificate to either The Wild Rose Press or Amazon dot com.

See you there!

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