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In SOUTH BEACH, Laila Sheridan, a successful fashionista who attracts male interest with an effortless strut of her stiletto heels, has ended a rocky relationship with Malcolm Khalid, a captivating lothario with a passion for shirking adult responsibilities. She believes partying in glamorous South Beach with her former college roommates is the prescription for getting her swagger back.

When her vacation becomes a media circus that draws Malcolm back into her life and her handsome Psyche marketing colleague, Gray Ryley, arrives on the scene to tame her antics, Laila is determined make the men play by her rules. Gray finds himself torn between anguish and ecstasy when another Lalia-sitting assignment is placed in his hands; he’s asked to hinder Malcolm’s advances and subdue the paparazzi, while wrestling with his smoldering desire to get Laila in his bed. Will this assignment cause him to disclose feelings that may sever their friendship and jeopardize his career?

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by: Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date: February 10, 2014
Length: 238 Pages

~The Book Excerpt~

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~The Guest Post~

Girlfriend Getaways Are Important for a Lasting Friendship
by Angeline M. Bishop

Femencation is what Laila Sheridan calls them; it’s her term for a luxury getaway with some very dear old friends. Enjoying a girlfriend getaway can make husbands and boyfriends a little nervous because women have been known to get a little daring when they are around their women friends. We all know when you place some fun-loving women in a new environment, almost anything can happen.

In my novel SOUTH BEACH Laila Sheridan, Sofìa Barea-Vega, and Marina Carter are old college friends looking to forget their problems in trendy South Beach Miami. Rejuvenation is on the agenda and nothing can promote emotional and physical health better than bonding with gal pals.

Below are the benefits of packing your bags and getting away to travel with your best girlfriends:

  1. Stress and anxiety relief – When women get together and talk things out, their stress level decreases dramatically.
  2. The joy of camaraderie – Now I know there’s always a little drama when you take an extended trip with friends but the only way to work out your stuff and to strengthen your friendship is to spend quality time together. Besides, the best part of vacations is exploring and trying new things so don’t you want to do that with your gal pals?
  3. Check-in with your support system – All of us have goals and dreams that we look to our closest friends to pester us about accomplishing. They will say things to you like, “So how’s that book coming along?” or “Did you work out this week?” And if you swore off calling your ex, they’ll ask “have you talked to him lately?” Your gal pals will praise you for staying on task and offer advice if you can’t stay motivated.
  4. Let Others Pitch In – When you go out of town it will give others an opportunity to help you out. Your colleague will pitch hit any problems that may arise at work, your children (or roommates) will understand normal household tasks don’t get done by themselves, and your main squeeze will finally remember why he hates being single. Never forget, the best part of going away for a trip can be the homecoming when you return. 

I hope you’ll pick up my novel, SOUTH BEACH and learn some of the things Laila and her friends do during their luxury vacation. Let it inspire you to gather your best girlfriends together to plan a trip of your own this year.

~About Angeline M. Bishop~

Author Picture - Angeline BishopInspired by the volunteers of a local community center, Angeline wrote North Star, her debut novel and the first book in her Sheridan series for Soul Mate Publishing. Angeline drew on her ten years of work experience in academics to transport romance readers from their stressful lives by providing contemporary love stories that feature captivating characters with strong family values.

Angeline was born in Washington, D. C., but lived most of her life in New Jersey and considers the “Garden State” her home. Her childhood passion for writing led to a degree in English Literature and a membership in Romance Writers of America. She is the Vice President of the Cultural, Interracial, and Multicultural Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America and enjoys providing aspiring writers with writing resources to help them strengthen their craft. Angeline loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her through her Website.

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