Nov 042015


The Insecure Writers Support Group meets the first Wednesday of the month online so member writes can share and encourage each other.  So here goes with my November contribution.

Everbody run!

What a way to start a story, right? Engage your reader from the get go. Make them care about what’s happening. Intrigue them, so they will have no choice but to … turn the page.

If you think about it, though, completing a story, be it short, novella length or epic really is as easy as A, B, C … Continue reading »

Aug 052015


There’s no rhyme or reason to the way I write. I’ll admit to it. Not always proudly.

I have writer friends who compose their books in a linear fashion. They, rather the characters they create, travel from Point A to Point B to Points C, D and E. All the way from Once Upon A Time straight through to Happily Ever After.  With no side-trips, no deviation.

Man, I wish I could write like that. But I can’t. My stories come to mind in the form of complete scenes and characterizations, rushes of dialogue. Sometimes this is all related to what has come before, often times not. Through no fault of mine, my characters will react in ways I hadn’t expected. Many times I have no idea why a character will say what they say, or think what they think. Until a few chapters down the road, when everything makes perfect sense. Continue reading »

May 062015

Back a while ago I came across an on-line discussion that had been going on for a couple of weeks, at least, before I got there. To paraphrase the topic was ‘what readers hate to see in romance books.’ In full and shameless lurker mode, I started going over some of the comments and found a lot of what was offered to be fascinating.

05-06-15 Blog Post

Many of the discussants, mostly readers, shared the character traits, events and even names they did not like to see in the stories they put their time and money into. Many of the ‘please don’ts’ had to do with things that had been so overused they’d become a parody. And only a few times did an author, shall we say, ‘break in’ to defend themselves. That made me wonder, against what? The suggestions were well thought out and genuine. In my opinion, they were helpful. I even saw some, okay quite a few, I was guilty of committing. Continue reading »

Oct 272014

2014 Nancy Gideon's Haunted Open House Hop Graphic

This week, I’m participating in Nancy Gideon’s Haunted Open House Blog Hop! For more Tricks and Treats, stop by Nancy’s Haunted Open House – She’ll be there all week with special guests and fun Halloween events!

Did you ever see Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein?

I did. When I was seven. The movie played as a Saturday matinee, a comedy, they said. My older brother and his much worldlier friend were on their way to see it.

Why couldn’t I go too?

At first my mother said no then caved in to the hissy fit I threw. Triumphant, off I went for an afternoon of fun.

Big mistake. Continue reading »

Aug 082014

Danger, Intrigue and Everlasting Love

An Uncertain Destiny

Once again, author Jannine Gallant delivers an emotional and entertaining story. She has a knack for putting her heroines in peril and Megan Pendrake is no different. Accused of being a witch in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1600s, Megan’s only crime is to fall in love with the man who can’t live without her, Nicholas Thayer. In An Uncertain Destiny, two diverse characters come together to form an unyielding alliance as Megan and Nicholas conquer unbelievable odds to be together. For historical fans, for fans of suspense, for lovers of romance, I heartily recommend this book. Continue reading »

Jul 182014

Block Party Blog Hop Button

Hi and thanks for stopping by – This is Week #2 of the Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop, which is being co-hosted by the lovely and talented author MJ Schiller! Please Twitter #FF me with @MargoHoornstra. I’ll be sharing Lemon Whip Dessert and just a little bit about my book NIGHT STARS AND MOURNING DOVES!

Lemon Whip Continue reading »

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