Dec 062017

On The Surface, (put in buy link if appropriate. If not leave it out) my latest book to be published by The Wild Rose Press, released world-wide on September 29, 2017. This multi-published journey of mine began in earnest in 2007 and has been going strong ever since.


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Jul 052017

Working on the edits of my first full-length book Honorable Intentions with editor extraordinaire Kathy Cottrell was for me an eye opening and, most times, enjoyable experience.

The hero, Chase, meets the heroine, Samantha, in a coffee shop one morning. Acting on a dare from a spurned co-worker who’s told her she needs to loosen up and learn to flirt, Samantha comes on to the first man she comes across, Chase, like a steamy seductress. Her efforts are rewarded, if that’s the right word, in a heart stopping kiss from the handsome stranger she now can’t seem to forget. Continue reading »

Jun 032015

Write, re-write, edit, repeat. Write, re-write, edit, repeat. So it goes in the life of a writer. For most of us, a long and tedious process. But oh the rewards. Our manuscripts evolve and improve all along the way. There’s a reason we call our initial efforts rough drafts.

Sometimes, though, we get so hung up on the actual production process, we forget about the rest of it. For published and pre-published authors, that means connecting with the audience we write for. (After all, the reason most of us write is to be read, right?) Continue reading »

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