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Ever wonder what the world would be like if you were never born? In the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey got to see the impact he had on the lives of others. For the rest of us, we’ll just have to calculate our own worth.

As authors, never been ties right in with those what if questions that drive our stories.

Where would the romance genre be without the secret baby trope?

In my first book, Honorable Intentions, I got a lot of mileage out of the teenaged daughter of a single dad hero. She was the product of a one night stand, and I built an entire book—heroine and all—around his desire to take care of her. Keep her safe and in his life.

In another, One Fateful Friday part of the Saturday in Serendipity anthology, the hero is sterile yet he and the heroine come together to adopt two orphaned children. In that same book, a secondary character and her husband who can’t conceive live their lives as foster parents.

It might be I come by these storyline ideas naturally. My own mother was an unplanned pregnancy BEFORE my grandparents were married. *Gasp* Back then, in the early 1900s, such a thing was frowned upon and then some. Though she and my grandfather eventually married and had another child, my grandmother was actually disowned by her family for having and raising the child conceived out of wedlock.

Scads of historical romances have been, well, born, with that particular circumstance as the inciting moment that drives the protagonist into action and on to what we term the heroine’s journey.

But think about it in a real sense. If my mother hadn’t been born, I wouldn’t be here, nor would my children or their children or…well, you get the idea.

My how times have changed though.

Married with two soon to be teenaged children, moving steadily upward in my career, with money in the bank and an empty nest on the horizon, I had my own unplanned pregnancy. For me, inconvenience wasn’t a sufficient reason to not have and raise the resulting twins. Long story short, my life has been better for the choice I made.

Here’s another true life occurrence that has me thinking fiction. My husband’s maternal grandmother left two children in the old country, never to see them again, while she sailed to the new world and a new life. And where she subsequently bore and raised three more children. That’s a book I’d love to write someday.

To each his or her own, but you can see what I mean about how some events in life shape the events in our stories.

What would the world be like if you had never been born? Certainly something to ponder now and then, isn’t it?


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Nov 052014


Where does the time go?

It seems like we just brought the summer clothes out of storage and it’s already time to put them away in favor of winter wear. Then we need to figure out the menu and other details for Thanksgiving, prepare the gift lists and then shop for Christmas. Not to mention dispose of the jack-o-lanterns and leftover candy.

Because Halloween is over. A cold, windy and snow strewn Halloween for us this year.

That’s one thing about living up here in the North Country. We have an advantage of sorts. A distinct change in the weather, rather temperature that alerts us to the arrival of the next season be that spring, summer, fall or winter.

Which brings me to the topic for this week – pacing. Continue reading »

Sep 032014


It’s no secret writing is a solitary business. Not only that, it’s a business that by its nature, brings with it rejection and disappointment more often than acceptance and success.

Being the daughter of a writer, I learned all of this at a young age. There were so many conversations in our living room about agents, proposals, submissions, sales, edits and – yes – rejection. Continue reading »

May 072014

This current post illustrates my thinking when I titled this Blog. As I decided originally,“Some of what I share will have to do with the craft and business of writing; others will be my take and/or experiences on life in general.”

The following qualifies as the latter. It’s an essay I wrote, based on a true incident in my life. Some of you may even identify with the event.

A Belief in Peaceful Coexistence:
Its Place In The Animal World

05-07-14 Picture 1

That Summer Saturday began innocently enough. The clear, pleasant morning gave no indication of what was to follow. Putting housework on hold, I took a cup of coffee out onto our back deck for a few moments of quiet reflection. Continue reading »

Mar 132014

03-11-14 Blog Post

A few weeks ago, I typed a figurative THE END on my latest WIP (work in progress) In writer jargon, that transformed the WIP to a CM (completed manuscript).

Thanks to some input from my colleagues at Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America, I have a tag line:

A parolee hides her past from a bounty hunter set on revenge

Thanks to some input from my talented critique partner Jannine Gallant, I have a blurb: Continue reading »

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