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"Sometimes sweet, sometimes sensual...always satisfying romance."

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Hello and welcome!

Christmas With You coverHappy Holidays!

       To help get you in the Christmas mood and store up energy for the Christmas frenzy to come…do I have a deal for you: The Christmas spirit brought to you in ten short stories full of sweet, satisfying romance -- in one easy to hold volume, at a great price. Available Kindle format and in print!  For details, please click here!

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       I’m a big city girl turned country woman who enjoys hiking around the wide open spaces near my home, hates to cook and loves to read. Contemporary romance and romantic suspense of various lengths is what you’ll find here. My short stories, novellas and novels all hold the promise of a happily ever after.

       Brothers In Blue is my latest romantic suspense series. "To serve and protect" was never more personal. Four heroes who met at the police academy and became life long friends. The dropout, the straight arrow, the movie star and the maverick. All share a passion to serve and protect, each in his own unique way:

  • ON THE SURFACE – The Dropout – Brad Collins, a police officer turned bounty hunter, is determined to fulfill a personal vendetta. Until wrongly convicted parolee Jenny Reynolds proves to be anything but what he expected.

  • ON THE FORCE – The Straight Arrow – By-the-book police officer Vince Miller goes undercover to break up an international art theft ring. He never expects art gallery executive Sydney Raines to threaten both his badge and his heart.

  • ON THE MAKE – The Movie Star – Police officer turned movie idol Adam Pride aka Hollingsworth, is falling hard for Madison Clark, the mother of a young actor hired to play his son. But when Madison lands in a desperate killer’s crosshairs, Adam’s fantasy world suddenly becomes frighteningly real.

  • And, coming in 2022: ON THE MOVE – The Maverick – Police officer Luke Simms gets the job done, even if his means are more than a little questionable. Assistant District Attorney CJ Barnes clashes with him at every turn. But when a serial murderer threatens, Luke and CJ are forced to work together—or become the next victims.

       I hope you will enjoy the first three books in the Brothers In Blue series, and will also check out my other books and short stories while waiting for Book Four!

       (By the way, you can download a "free sample" of my writing, a short story called HEARTS AND FLOWERS, here.)

ON THE SURFACE, Brothers in Blue Series Book 1ON THE FORCE, Brothers in Blue Series Book 2ON THE MAKE coverHEARTS AND FLOWERS cover

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