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Margo Hoornstra       I first got the writing bug when a short story I authored, I have no idea about what, was chosen for publication in an all school anthology. Journalism class in high school led to a position on the school paper and, eventually, a column of my own. That I took to writing like a duck to water shouldn’t have surprised me, much. You could say writing was in my blood. Literally. It’s how my father paid the bills when we were growing up. Maybe I should have known better. But I’m glad I didn’t. Because I would have missed the inner satisfaction and many rewards of writing, and having written.

       Like many who create stories, I figured someday to write a book. But only when the time was right, which meant after I earned a formal education, launched and sustained a successful and rewarding career, married, then raised a family and became financially independent.

       To paraphrase the song lyric, life happened while I was busy making other plans. Proof of the education is in a frame on the wall, the career came and went, but the husband is still with me. The children are grown with lives of their own, and our vast accumulation of wealth never quite materialized. You could say I finally got to the point of, if not now…when?

       A communications specialist by trade, I’ve worked as a magazine editor, television producer and speech and script writer. Always the words of others, not so much my own. I now enjoy the freedom to write fiction full time, always providing my characters with their hard fought and well deserved happily ever after.

       During my formative years, my mother told me almost daily I was pretty, smart and could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I don’t know so much about the pretty part, but the other two attributes…maybe. I love writing strong women who believe in themselves and their ability to overcome life’s obstacles to survive and thrive. The men who come into their lives better measure up…or else. Kind of like the man who came into my life a number of years ago. Not only is he super supportive of what I do these days, but he’s also a very talented plot master in his own right. Which does come in handy now and then.

       My personal history in a nutshell is pretty simple. Wife to one, mother to four, eight if you count in law children, which I do, and grandmother to four fabulous lights of my life. A big city girl turned country woman, I enjoy hiking around the wide open spaces near our home in the midwest, especially in the fall, hate to cook and love to read.

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